The Claire Wand Fund is a charitable fund that makes grants to General Practitioners (GPs) to fund further education and for the provision of scholarships, including traveling scholarships.

The fund welcomes applications twice a year, at least three weeks prior to the April and October trustee meetings. This website gives a brief history of the fund and information on the trustees and how the fund operates, as well as outlining the application process and criteria for the award of grants.

The Claire Wand Fund is a registered charity (no 220008).

Please note that the next meeting of the Trustees is on 24 April 2018. Applications for grants should be submitted at least two weeks before this date.

Claire Wand


The fund was set up by Dr Solomon Wand and Dr Derek Stevenson in 1953, with funds they received as recognition of their outstanding services rendered to the medical profession, by negotiating with the government for better remuneration for the profession, after the Second World War with the inception of the National Health Service. The Fund was named in memory of Dr Wand's wife, Claire who became terminally ill during the negotiations and died in 1951.


Criteria for Grants

Most GPs are eligible to apply for a grant. Visit our criteria page to find information on the types of projects that are eligible for funding and to review the criteria for grants.

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Application Process

Applications for grants are invited to be made at least three weeks before Trustee meetings, which take place twice each year.

Dr Derek Stevenson and Dr Solomon Wand, in 1965.

How the Fund is Managed

A full list of current trustees, chaired by Dr Jane Wand, Dr Solomon and Claire Wand's grand-daughter, along with information on how the fund operates.

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Useful Links

Websites that provide information about the Claire Wand Fund as well as other relelavent links, including links to other sources of medical grants.