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Updated: 21/08/2019 12:17

CQC tells patients to complain about GP care to improve services

The  healthcare inspector is encouraging patients to complain about their experiences of GP care if they have concerns, in order to improve services.

New refugee recruitment scheme sees 14 GPs taken on in one region

A total of 14 refugee GPs are being retrained as part of a recruitment scheme in the Sandwell and West Birmingham area.

New system will allow GP prison records to be transferred to other practices

A new Government IT system will allow GP prison records to be transferred to other GP practices, allowing for better continuity of care for prisoners once they leave prison.

Patient in GP crossbow attack jailed for 20 years

A patient who blamed his GP for the death of his father and shot him with a crossbow bolt in his surgery was jailed for 20 years today (Friday 15 February).

Scottish GPs could face £1.6m parking bill, warn Conservatives

Hundreds of GPs could be hit by the introduction of a car park tax in Scotland from which other NHS workers will be exempt, the Scottish Conservative party has claimed.

GP workforce 'deterioration' will hinder plan to move hospital care into practices

The 'ongoing deterioration' of the GP workforce will seriously hinder the Government's plan to move care out of hospitals and into the community, according to a new report.